Bahrain Company Formation

How can I get commercial registration for my business?

Subsequent to choosing an activity and the type of legal structure for your company, for starting a business in Bahrain, the necessary approvals from the concerned sector regulators are required. When all requirements are submitted, and conditions are met, a Commercial Registration (CR) is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Commercial Registrations must be renewed annually.

Can I own a business in Bahrain?

100% foreign ownership is allowed in setting up a business in Bahrain. Sector-specific and/or company type restrictions may apply.

How long does it take to register a company in Bahrain?

After obtaining the required approvals and submitting the requisite documents, it would generally take 1 to 5 business days for the company to get registered in Bahrain.

Is a resident director/partner/manager/legal representative required to register a company in Bahrain?

A resident director/partner/manager/legal representative is required only if the company under consideration is a representative or branch office.

What is the corporate on net profits for a company in Bahrain? Does a company need to file annual tax returns in Bahrain?

The corporate tax in Bahrain is 0%. Companies in Bahrain are not required to file annual tax returns.

Can a Bahrain company be involved in international business?

There are no restrictions on where a Bahrain company can operate. Bahrain provides access to the Middle East and the GCC states, and has bilateral trade arrangements with 43 countries.

What is the manifestation of company formation in Bahrain?

Company formation in Bahrain is the process of registering a business at Bahrain Investors’ Center (BIC). As a result, the business becomes a distinct legal entity.

What should be done for commercial registration of a business in Bahrain?

Subsequent to submission of requirements to sector regulators, a Commercial Registration (CR) is issued by the MoIC. Commercial Registrations must be renewed annually.

SectionIs foreign ownership of a business allowed in Bahrain?

100% foreign ownership is allowed in setting up a business in Bahrain. Sector-specific and/or company type restrictions may apply.

Can I own land in Bahrain?

Bahraini and GCC nationals are permitted to own land in all areas of Bahrain.Non-nationals and foreign companies are permitted to own property and real estate in new developed areas.

How long does it take to register a company in Bahrain?

After obtaining the required approvals and submitting the requisite documents, it would generally take 1 to 5 business days for the company to get registered in Bahrain.

How many shareholders are required to complete business registration in Bahrain?

If someone wishes to register a business in Bahrain with the company registrar, they would need to appoint only 1 shareholder.

Which services do accounting and bookkeeping involve?

Accounting and bookkeeping services include, broadly, account management, financial reporting, budgeting and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) implementation.

Which is the regulatory body for accounting, bookkeeping and auditing firms in Bahrain?

The Company Affairs Directorate at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) licenses and registers auditors, auditing firms and accounting/bookkeeping firms.

Requirements for Saudi Arabia Visa

Are there different requirements for a female to obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia?

All female applicants (even for a business visa) require a Letter of Invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as opposed to the Saudi Chamber of commerce. There are some exceptions to the rule above, however not often. Besides the LOI coming from the MOFA, all other requirements are the same.

Can I enter Saudi Arabia via the Bahrain causeway using my visa obtained in London?

As per the current embassy regulations, if the traveller holds a multiple entry visa and their first entry has been directly into Saudi Arabia using direct air travel, then the second visit and thereafter can be undertaken using the causeway. When completing the business visa application form under travel agent section you must state the airline you intend to use. If you are intending to visit Damman you will be required to fly directly there or via another Saudi city instead of travelling to Bahrain and entering via the causeway.

Does my UK Employer need to be a registered with companies House?

Yes, the employing company must be a UK registered company registered with the companies House. The registration number will be cross-checked with their database when attested at the Saudi Chamber of commerce in London, and must be an active company.

Will I be granted a visa to Saudi Arabia if I have an Israeli visa stamp in my passport?

No, your application will be rejected if your passport contains an Israeli stamp

Can I renew my visa to Saudi Arabia?

A renewal of a Saudi visa is not possible, and therefore you must repeat the process and apply for a new visa. This means that a new Letter of Invitation must be obtained along with all other requirements. All documents must be recently dated.

Do I need to attend an appointment at the Embassy?

You can apply by using an agency or alternatively you can apply on your behalf. Your physical presence will not be needed nor an authorisation form allowing us to act on your behalf.

I have been provided with an Arabic document and been told that that is my visa. Can I take it to the Embassy and get it stamped in my passport?

This is most likely your Letter of Invitation which is the most crucial requirement, but not the only one. The invitation is not the visa itself. Depending on the visa type there is a list of requirements that will be submitted along with your passport and letter of invitation.

How much does a visa to Saudi Arabia cost?

The Embassy fees for a single entry visa are £49 and for a multiple entry visa it is £106. If you use a private agency like ourselves service costs will occur. A medical insurance fee will also apply charged by the Saudi government. The medical insurance fee is not a fixed fee and we will advise you on that once we have received and lodged all documents on the Embassy´s website.

Can I get a 5year visa to Saudi Arabia?

Only American passport holders can obtain a 5-year visa and/or 1-year visa for Saudi Arabia. For UK passport holders, the maximum validity is 180 days.

Will my application for a Saudi Arabian Visa get rejected?

The outcome of your visa application will be at the discretion of the embassy, and no one can guarantee it will be issued. However as long as you fulfil the criteria and provide the relevant documents, most visas are issued. We offer an in depth pre-check and a checklist to follow which will eradicate 95% of all possible errors and delays as it tackles the main problem areas, which will ensure your visa is not rejected due to human or clerical issues.

I have a valid Saudi Arabian visa expiring soon. Can I apply for a new one?

You can only apply for a new visa once your current visa has fully expired. Only once the visa is expired we can proceed with the submission with the Embassy.

Can I cancel my existing Saudi Arabian Visa?

No, the visa will be automatically cancelled once expired. You cannot proceed with a new visa application before your previous visa has fully expired.

Is there an express same day service for Saudi Arabian Visas?

The Embassy provides next day service on business and family visit visas and the same day service for governmental visas. Do bear in mind that

What are the picture requirements for a Saudi Arabia Visa?

The Saudi Arabia embassy require 2 Passport Size Photographs – 35 x 45mm on a clear, off white background. The pictures must be recent and could be identical to the ones on your current passport.