Business Advisory
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Business Advisory services are setting more importance in the current market because the owners of the business are very eager to know where to invest to get maximum return out of that.

Making your mark in your field of business is all the more difficult today because of the stiff competition and other complicated hurdles the business faces. You need to create and maintain a structure that will help you identify opportunities, manage threats and enhance productivity so that your goals can be achieved within a specific timeframe. This is where Arabian Document Clearance comes to your assistance. Our services cover a broad spectrum of consulting requirements, with the main focus being on Business Advisory. Risk & Performance Advisory and Valuation & Transaction Support. The market in the GCC is complex and suffers from an acute lack of authentic data and information. Arabian Document Clearance possesses in-depth knowledge of industry conditions, and markets, our widespread contacts, and access to regional databases enables us to provide insightful research to our clients. Arabian Document Clearance has a proven track record of completing projects across multiple industry verticals, within specified time frames, and we have made a name for ourselves as a highly reliable advisory firm in Bahrain. This experience has helped us to offer exemplary services to our clients. Our technical expertise enables us to provide customized solutions that address the specific needs of clients at surprisingly affordable prices: by strategically managing business needs of our clients we ensure lower risk and greater profitability for them.

We offer specialized delivering quality Business Advisory Services to business owners in the Bahrain market.

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Business & Financial Advisory
Arabian Document Clearance’s in-depth knowledge of Bahrain and GCC market, deep perception of industry structure and ability to recognize needs of our clients enable us to add value in our client engagements. Proper financial planning is crucial for the success of any business. We have made a mark in the field of financial planning and analysis: our consulting services help clients to understand market strength, risk factors, market demand, and growth factors using strategic planning, scientific methods, and technology applications. This enables our clients to perform at their maximum potential, eliminate unnecessary expenses, protect their assets and enhance their revenues.

Our Range of Business and Financial Advisory Services include

Financial Planning
Business Planning
Financial Modeling
Existing products
New products
Market Research Infrastructure
Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports
Regulatory and Compliance

Risk & Performance Advisory

Modern business is as challenging and volatile as it is profitable and filled with opportunities. It is our constant endeavor to improve our systems and processes so that we can offer value and a competitive edge to our customers. Operations, finance, and human resources are the main areas we believe in optimizing in order to create sustainable process improvement. Today a risk to business can come in many forms and at any time, and those not prepared to tackle them will suffer badly. Risks can be in the form of competition, cyber security, data safety, changing laws and business environment, and so on. Success in business does not happen by accident: rather it comes from the ideal management of assets, people, and technology. Arabian Document Clearance’s risk advisory services help our customers to concentrate on aspects of heightened risk, tackle the whole range of upcoming risks – including those that arise due to innovation, geopolitical, cyber and other trends – and to take intelligent risks in order to create value for customers. The in-depth knowledge possessed by our dedicated staff, and their close association with industry players that helps them stay on top of trends and happenings, helps our customers to assess risks intelligently and to take initiatives to negate them or turn them into opportunities by reviewing the current methods and systems and making changes by improving or doing away with them as may be needed. We help clients to continuously monitor their resources of assets, people, and technology so that they can ensure that they perform to the best of their potential.

Our Range of Risk & Performance Advisory Services include

Organization Initiatives
Business Process Review
Organization Structure
Business Process Risk Assessment
Internal Audit
System / Gap Analysis
Policies and Procedures Manual

Valuation & Transaction Support

If you are planning to acquire, leave or merge with a business, you need to plan your strategy appropriately. Such situations also call for an unbiased and fair evaluation. Whenever two parties are involved, it is natural for differences in opinion to arise. At Arabian Document Clearance, we have experienced professionals who combine established valuation techniques with a systematic approach to research and fact-finding. We ensure that regulations and accounting requirements are also met. Our valuations and other deliverables are supported by extensive research and industry expertise: we guarantee that our deliverables are capable of withstanding intense scrutiny. We help evaluate potential targets or partners for mergers, offer guidance on estimations and pricing, and assess and recommend tactical and financial alternatives. We provide guidance on the various aspects of such transactions like timing, planning, framework, funding, and pricing. We also provide our expert advice during the negotiations and help in closing the deals. We help our clients to sell their assets, their entire business or a portion of it, as per their requirements. Our reputation for providing unmatched advice in these matters is very high as we are able to leverage our widespread network both local and international to find the ideal buyer or partner or the best financing solutions.

Our Range of Valuation IT Transaction Support Services include

Business Valuations A
Purchase Price Allocation
Mergers & Acquisitions
Intangible Valuations
M Financial Modeling
M Due Diligence
Goodwill Impairment
Investment Analysis
Investment Collaterals

Key Benefits of our Service

Industry-leading strategic thinking Deep senior involvement,
from Arabian Document Clearance True specialist with deep Trading,
Service industry knowledge Broad knowledge base from Arabian Document Clearance Access to global businesses and investors Value-focused mindset providing best advice to the client 360° view.